A Fallen Temple 2LP
A Fallen Temple 2LP A Fallen Temple 2LP A Fallen Temple 2LP


A Fallen Temple 2LP

Label: Season of Mist
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: GRE
Style: dramatic orchestral atmospheric death metal

fourth full-length in the long-running career of atmospheric death metal luminaries occupies a unique space in the band's history: 1998's release features re-recordings of their savage debuting Temple of the Lost Race mini LP, interspersed amongst new tracks - some of the band's most avantgarde work to date; synthesized orchestration and angelic soprano vocals affirmed the bold and adventurous creative direction SF had begun to follow, and was the perfect bridge to what was coming next; deluxe fully re-packaged edition comes in gatefold sleeve on double black vinyl with a remastered sound, extensive liner notes by Sotiris, and features new artwork created by Seth Siro Anton, also including four bonuses in shape of The Eldest Cosmonaut MCD [1998] and Paradise Lost The Last Time cover - second pressing is limited to 250 units