Into The Mirror Black LP
Into The Mirror Black LP Into The Mirror Black LP


Into The Mirror Black LP

Label: Epic / Sony / Music On Vinyl
Price: 40€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: USA
Style: menacing progressive thrash/power metal

the glorious legacy of exceptional dark progressive thrash/power metal crew, fronted by genius vocalist Warrel Dane and bass guitar maestro Jim Sheppard [ex.Nevermore], is witnessed on this sophomore full-length masterpiece [1989] achieved beyond its time, where one of a kind, luminary entity masterfully blurs the subtle lines between technical Bay Area thrashing, traditional heavy metal weight, and ominous mesmerism of power metal, where every triumphant song hits the sweet spot between the hook and the riff, accumulating ambiguous vibe able to paint visual sonic picturesriff; recent Dutch black 180g vinyl pressing or audiophiles comes wih authentic design - a definite must have!