Ordinary Man LP
Ordinary Man LP Ordinary Man LP Ordinary Man LP


Ordinary Man LP

Label: Epic / Sony
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: expressive melodic dynamic heavy metal

malicious minds have been pushing the crown-prince of darkness to the brink of business for a good while, but he keeps sending the signals of life with new rocking music - this time Maestro is backed up by such notorious names as Duff McKagan, Chad Smith, Slash and even sir Elton John himself, what most probably have prompted haters to attack these ten diverse tracks full of expression, reflecting the rich career and creativity of Ozzy, what you can expect from a senior musician, but nonetheless it does not anyhow affect the dramatic music that brims with all kinds of emotions, as seventy year old fontman does everything to sound modern and refreshing; European black vinyl edition comes with pro-printed lyric inner sleeve