Spectrum of Death LP
Spectrum of Death LP Spectrum of Death LP Spectrum of Death LP


Spectrum of Death LP

Label: Century Media / High Roller

Release Year: 2022
Artist Origin: USA
Style: rabid intense savage thrash metal

upon the release of this longplay debut by obscure Mexican label back in 1990 nobody was too familiar with an underground five-piece from Wisconsin, and it has taken them couple more years until eight brilliant tracks were finally available in US, spreading the word way wider about a hidden gem in ferocious intense thrash metal, recordings of which actually date back to 1988, first appeared in demo tape form; proudly standing on par with the most ferocious, hyperspeed music ever made by Dark Angel, Sadus and Demolition Hammer, enriched by savage screaming vocals and solid, technical delivery, it is one of the fastest and most abrasive records this genre ever witnessed!; recent deluxe white/blue with red splatter vinyl re-issue with a remastered sound, pro-printed lyric insert and 60x60cm poster is limited to 400 units