Daemon LP
Daemon LP Daemon LP Daemon LP


Daemon LP

Artist: MAYHEM
Label: Century Media
Price: 32€

Release Year: 2022
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: intense mesmerizing extreme black metal

quarter a century later THAT, what black metal world has been always expecting and waiting, has finally happened [2019] - regardless of constantly thrust opinion that Mayhem is a band searching for novelties, which never repeats and never looks back, they have returned to the very essence and resurrected perhaps the most influential, intense, knockout, and mesmerizing sound model, and have revived that genuine vibe, once invented together with Euronymous and few other well known fellas; huge credit must fall to both guitar players, Teloch and Ghul, who must have been damn important in creative process and in persuading three other old-timers that exactly this is the path of this band, which they must try once again - ten elite hymns of highest class hands-down outdo everything what was written since the DMDS era, and only the horned one might know if we ever witness the third round, but the contents of this masterpiece is enough for many years to come!; recent black 180g vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed lyric booklet