Winds of War LP
Winds of War LP Winds of War LP Winds of War LP


Winds of War LP

Artist: KULT
Label: Slava Satan
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: ITA
Style: dark morbid nihilistic black metal

menacing debut full-length [2006] by enigmatic Italian duo vomits forth ten apocalyptic slabs of pure darkness and evil, dedicated to isolation, loss, and pain, which are served chilled and executed with ruthless, nihilistic efficiency - old school tradition directed music sounds furious yet hypnotizes with soaring harmonies, overall complexity and variety, enriched by implacable and aggressive sound and lush atmosphere so familiar from the nineties; exclusive black vinyl edition with A3 sized poster and Bathory Woman of Dark Desire cover in addition is limited to 200 units