Wired For Madness 2LP
Wired For Madness 2LP Wired For Madness 2LP Wired For Madness 2LP


Wired For Madness 2LP

Label: Music Theories / Mascot
Price: 22€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: USA
Style: innovative dynamic progressive metal / rock

even the bigger Dream Theater admirers not always realize how productive and innovative their keyboard player is, presenting already thirteen solo album, traditionally supported by a myriad of well-familiar guest musicians, where prog metal or rock is far from the only agenda on the table - Jordan not only excitingly runs through the virtuoso melodic solos via electric piano, but adds the dramatic guitar and visionary vocals in here, more than often traveling in time and plunging into pulsating experiments, but always maintaining very clear and expressive structure, while futuristic concept goes deep into robotization challenges facing humanity; European gatefold sleeve double black 180g vinyl edition