Vandreren LP
Vandreren LP Vandreren LP Vandreren LP


Vandreren LP

Label: Peaceville
Price: 32€

Release Year: 2022
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: expressive epic folk black metal

regardless that this seven part recording tracked in 1993 was named as a demo first, officially first time revealed one year after as a part of retrospective first Isengard album, it definitely was the determining factor while cranking the unique project of Fenriz on, since its epic folk metal angle is both the most representative and sounds the most convincing from everything he has managed to write up until that point; it is no wonder that after many years Vandreren finally sees the dark of night as a standing out record, as the cleaner, more coordinated recording with a poetic aura has far surpassed earlier demo tryouts, among other things becoming the first epic/folk manifest in an uncompromising black metal milieu; British black vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed double-sided lyric inner sleeve