Høstmørke LP
Høstmørke LP Høstmørke LP Høstmørke LP


Høstmørke LP

Label: Peaceville
Price: 40€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: expressive epic folk black metal

brilliant and impressive, second and the closing longplay [1995] is inspired by Norwegian folk songs, thoroughly reworked in epic majestic black metal way - it is a magnum opus of solo project by Fenriz [Darkthrone], and the only recording projected from the very beginning as a full-length album, where he takes care on all instruments and vocals, and proudly pictures himself on the front cover; this timeless seven tracker also features guest vocal appearance by then comrades in arms Aldrahn and Vicotnik [both - Dødheimsgard], overall inspiring and encouraging myriads of other musicians to delve deeper into their cultural heritage as well, adopting it to harsh and extreme metal sound; recent British black vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed inner sleeve