Auric Gates of Veles LP
Auric Gates of Veles LP Auric Gates of Veles LP Auric Gates of Veles LP


Auric Gates of Veles LP

Artist: HATE
Label: Metal Blade
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: POL
Style: intense complex blackened death metal

Polish Hate does not beat around the bush, moving on in direction they feel most comfortable with, and those complaining they have sunk too low within death metal depths over the years might raise an eyebrow or two upon checking these latest eight cuts that blow a decent layer of dust from their black metal era - more than that, it sounds quite evocative and reeks of infernal atmospheric vibe granting this intense and extreme music an extra dimension; believe it or not, but the time has come to witness an exceptional return of ATF Sinner and Pavulon, reveling in inspiring creative outburst; European black 180g vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed lyric insert and additional poster