Back To The Front 2PLP
Back To The Front 2PLP Back To The Front 2PLP Back To The Front 2PLP


Back To The Front 2PLP

Label: Century Media / Black Sleeves / Kankana
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: rebellious groovy rock'n'roll death metal

seven years past the previous full-length, with scars left from legal debates over the band's moniker, here [2014] is the new face of Entombed, brought forth by the late L-G and his upgraded scavenger crew - alas, this is not the continuation of revelational and quite extreme Serpent Saints, but rather a step back to their diverse and controversial death'n roll era with softer and cleaner sound, still rich in diverse rhythmics, crushing grooves and some addictive choruses of Pandemic Rage and Bait And Bleed, to name but a few; recent gatefold sleeve double picture disk edition is limited to 400 units