Ategnatos 2LP
Ategnatos 2LP Ategnatos 2LP Ategnatos 2LP


Ategnatos 2LP

Label: Nuclear Blast
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: SWI
Style: harmonious folk heavy death metal

heralds of Gallic culture has purveyed an exceptional hour long album, uniting subtle folk heritage with mean modern metal in their own special way, and such utmost dedication along the hard labor cause perhaps the most significant return in last twelve years - diversity aplenty throughout its sixteen tracks, Ategnatos manages to reach the darkest and the brightest, the hardest and the most serene, intense and chilling zones of this enigmatic kingdom of sound, while each of nine band members seems to add up since the last time we heard from them; strictly limited gatefold sleeve double black vinyl edition comes with a four page lyric insert