All Hail Pessimism 2LP
All Hail Pessimism 2LP


All Hail Pessimism 2LP

Label: Avantgarde / Agonia
Price: 22€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: straightforward intense misanthropic black metal

debut longplay [2009] by much promising entity, run by guitarist Sykelig [ex.Naer Mataron], is forged in the fires of ferocious sinister Scandinavian black metal, yet composing approach is daring enough to involve peculiar synth atmospheres, abrasive piano parts and even a trumpet here and there, while it is also one of the first projects were Niklas Kvarforth borrows his voice outside of Shining; Seidemann [1349] on bass and Jormungand [Dødheimsgard] on keys round up quite impressive line-up to make sure ten cuts sound real exceptional; first time on wax - gatefold sleeve double black vinyl edition with an exclusive bonus Pentagram Wheel of Fortune cover is limited to 200 units