Ascension Codes 2LP
Ascension Codes 2LP Ascension Codes 2LP Ascension Codes 2LP


Ascension Codes 2LP

Artist: CYNIC
Label: Season of Mist
Price: 50€

Release Year: 2021
Artist Origin: USA
Style: progressive technical transcendental atmospheric metal

overcoming the complicated stretch of obstacles and adversities, the progressive ensemble has finally reached light at the end of a tunnel with a fourth full-length album, where Matt Lynch with his jazz experience starts to fill in the big big sneakers left down the drumkit, while the late bass guitar virtuoso Sean Malone is quite surprisingly replaced by synth bass, eventually strengthening the futuristic direction and cosmic sound, familiar already from before, yet this time the concept is also integrally related to the unknown civilizations, reflected via code titles of mostly ambient interludes, and their liaison with Earth inhabitants, represented by quite experimental, dreamy and hypnotizing, yet conventionally heavy prog numbers; exclusive triple gatefold sleeve double clear vinyl edition with eight page vinyl sleeve sized lyric booklet is limited to 800 units