Dreams Like Deserts LP
Dreams Like Deserts LP Dreams Like Deserts LP Dreams Like Deserts LP


Dreams Like Deserts LP

Label: Peaceville
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: merciless violent black thrash metal

the beginnings of this notorious black thrashing entity were not so humble - Aggressor aka Czral had experience from drumming with Satyricon and Ulver, while Apollyon has been practicing his skills with Lamented Souls; launching Aura Noir the enigmatic duo has turned much harsher and primitive way, paying tribute to extreme metal roots, and clenching it with ever-rising Norwegian black metal class - their six track extended EP debut [1995] sounded exceptionally violent, firmly outstanding in the field, leading them into an exceptional career; first time ever - British black 180g vinyl edition with a remastered sound, pro-printed lyric inner sleeve, and five additional cuts - rare takes from 1995-1996 sessions, including Darkthrone’s Fenriz vocal appearance