Cosmic World Mother LP
Cosmic World Mother LP Cosmic World Mother LP Cosmic World Mother LP


Cosmic World Mother LP

Artist: ...AND OCEANS
Label: Season of Mist
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: catchy intense symphonic black metal

Finnish ensemble have been most effective with first two albums rounding up the previous millennium, redefining the tag of [neo]symphonic black metal via innovative songwriting and quite complex, technical delivery with precisely polished sound, thus opening the doors to other hordes - twenty years past that the philosophical crew comes back with a bang in shape of their fifth full-length, distinctively refreshing line-up where Mathias Lillmåns [Finntroll] delivers a massive performance, omitting all the middle era experiments and marching on smoothly with bombastic harmonious songwriting and perhaps more intense, energetic feeling than ever before, emphasizing the genre origins yet showing certain maturity and skill to pull off quite a brilliant result; third gatefold sleeve black vinyl pressing with an LP sleeve sized eight page art booklet is limited to 400 units