Back In Black LP
Back In Black LP Back In Black LP Back In Black LP


Back In Black LP

Artist: AC/DC
Label: Albert / Columbia / Sony
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: AUS
Style: fundamental loud rebellious hard rock

quite a few critics complain that album [1980] recorded right after death of original screamer Bon Scott is ridiculously juvenile, obvious, snickering, bludgeoning, derivative, and single-minded about sex and booze - this is mostly true, of course, but that is the reality of rock'n roll, blatantly raging in a rebellious way; the new frontman Brian Johnson [ex.Geordie] is full of energy and ambition, reminding the late singer with loud and crunchy, no-holds-barred attitude, what is left to do is to crank Back In Black louder!; recent black 180g vinyl edition comes with sound remastered from analogue master tapes, embossed cover and pro-printed inner sleeve with liner notes by David Fricke and tons of vintage pictures