Kauja Pie Saules MC
Kauja Pie Saules MC Kauja Pie Saules MC Kauja Pie Saules MC


Kauja Pie Saules MC

Label: Mascot
Price: 15€

Release Year: 1998
Artist Origin: LAT
Style: relentless crushing pagan black metal
Length: 40:22

Latvian pagan metal stalwarts were very determined and cohesive since the start, so that their early demo was already a small yet absolutely intense masterpiece, and when they approached the recordings of this debut longplay, their concept and vision was uplifted to the brim to strike massively: relentless and crushing album has set a standard for the genre, so accurately and convincingly presenting the Baltic heritage and thundering music for the world; still largely influenced by Nordic black metal wave, including a screeching gnarl vocals, it bears unique personal vibe and lyrics in native tongue - rare official tape edition