Feel The Fire MC
Feel The Fire MC Feel The Fire MC Feel The Fire MC


Feel The Fire MC

Label: Megaforce / Shadow Kingdom
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: USA
Style: energetic savage impulsive thrash metal

a lot of praise is uttered about these ten pieces of wild, intense and expressive thrash metal - almost ideal beginning for New Jersey legend, rounding up more than memorable debut longplay [1985] on par with Exodus starter from the same year; it is a relentless butcher that brims with guitar riff assault, crazy pentatonic shredding and double bass drum beats, effectively crowned by impressive rough yells and banshee screeches, throwing such timeless numbers as Rotten To The Core, Hammerhead or epic title track; recent limited fully pro-printed tape edition comes on fire orange shells, US import