Fyra Elegier MC
Fyra Elegier MC Fyra Elegier MC


Fyra Elegier MC

Artist: GRIFT
Label: Nordvis / Night Birds / Todestrieb
Price: 6€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: monumental depressive melancholic black metal
Length: 24 minutes

built upon a concept stained with inspiration drawn from great elder Swedish poets, Johannes Edfelt, Pär Lagerkvist and Dan Andersson, this mesmerizing and cold black metal project sounds like a monumental exploration of human insignificance and mortality; four rugged, hackneyed and melancholic pieces may sound a bit rawer and more straightforward, but musically it has some common denominations with Drudkh eerie approach to composition; exclusive tape edition is limited to 300 units