Outer Isolation CD
Outer Isolation CD Outer Isolation CD Outer Isolation CD


Outer Isolation CD

Artist: VEKTOR
Label: Earache
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intricate technical progressive thrash metal

one of the most focused, ultra-impressive and perspective technical progressive thrash metal bands of recent times with sci-fi topics and an honest nod to notorious Voivod legacy strikes back with the insanely hot and aptly complex sophomore full-length opus [2011], where light-speed fast riffs meet up equally intricate drumming and high-pitched, raspy, characteristic shriek by David DiSanto, reflecting the fury and intensity of early Sadus and Atheist combined, yet bringing it to awe-inspiring new heights of skill, integrity and drive, what keeps the thrash community both surprised and overwhelmed!; recent British re-issue comes with a completely new artwork