In The Light of Darkness CD
In The Light of Darkness CD In The Light of Darkness CD


In The Light of Darkness CD

Label: MNW / Century Media
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: dramatic harmonious blackened death metal

marching hand in hand with Dissection and Sacramentum in mid nineties, this legendary entity of darkness, featuring members of Dismember, Merciless, Entombed, General Surgery, Carbonized, Desultory and Nifelheim, has been on a long hiatus, but after reformation in 2007 they are finally back with this fantastic third longplay [2009], recorded at Necromorbus Studios, hailing the glory of peculiarly intricate subgenre, drenched by extreme, remarkably poignant and dramatic, yet highly harmonious passages, topped by tremolo-picked guitars and raspy vocals, much in line with the trademark infernal albums of the past; recent German re-issue comes with a remastered sound and exclusive liner notes by Chris Dick, based on an interview with Richard Cabeza