Realms of Odoric CD DIGI
Realms of Odoric CD DIGI Realms of Odoric CD DIGI Realms of Odoric CD DIGI


Realms of Odoric CD DIGI

Label: AFM
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: GER
Style: epic harmonious folk death metal

never short on inspiration, German ensemble delivers twelfth studio album already, the contents of which is more lyrical than ever before - not just because acoustic breaks or backing female vocals, but also due to emphasized emotional rollercoaster, where loud moments intertwine with calmer episodes for couple of times during each track; there is some room for a more suggestive impact on listener, yet the final outcome sounds quite challenging and draws a clear line from party-oriented folk metal entities with a clear pretension to quite melodic but heavy enough music; limited three panel digipak edition comes with additional Remembrance track, while lyrical content follows the storyline of Odoric comics