Polaris CD
Polaris CD Polaris CD Polaris CD


Polaris CD

Label: Ear / Edel
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: melodic epic power/heavy metal

all fans of this epic progressive power metal legend know the dramatic story that happened after the self-titled album in 2005 - important line-up change has brought new and hungry members in though, and guitarist Matias Kupiainen was one of the reasons why Stratovarius has turned back to the worldwide metal limelight with these eleven catchy, vivid, ambitious and refreshing numbers of the band's twelfth longplay, that both bring the epic touch of their classic speedy material, and aims to conquer new heights of powerful heavy metal, where Kotipelto's piercing pitch and Johansson's striking arrangements gain even more importance