Rising CD
Rising CD Rising CD Rising CD


Rising CD

Label: Polydor / Universal
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1976
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: epic expressive hard heavy metal

after an impressive debut, Richie and Dio were fast to strengthen the line-up of rapidly growing entity with strong rhythm section of drummer Cozy Powell and bassist Jimmy Bain, and in February of 1976 were back in studio with six brand new numbers that turned into absolute gems in rock and metal history - even more focused on bombastic direction, the band chemistry is stronger than ever, much like immense creative powers resulting in such synergistic anthems as epic Stargazer or thunderous Tarot Woman, making a perfect dynamic balance of relatively short record, backed up by evocative lyrics and ominous, memorable atmosphere; recent European edition comes with a remastered sound and authentic design