The Missing Link CD
The Missing Link CD


The Missing Link CD

Artist: RAGE
Label: Dr. Bones
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: GER
Style: expressive melodic heavy speed metal

seventh and the last album [1993] with classic Wagner-Efthimiadis-Schmidt line-up is remarkably thrashier, catchier and very memorable what is quite obvious with this historical band, also named as another, darker kind of power metal, turning into one of their most significant and widely celebrated releases ever - regardless that Rage have more than twenty official albums under the collective belt, these are one of the most representative twelve tunes, a defining moment in the career, summing up their multifaceted fingerprint: what else could you expect with such massive epics as The Pit and The Pendulum, Firestorm, or Refuge?!; recent German edition comes with a remastered sound and extra Another Kind of Madness bonus