Reign of Fear 2CD
Reign of Fear 2CD Reign of Fear 2CD Reign of Fear 2CD


Reign of Fear 2CD

Artist: RAGE
Label: Dr. Bones
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: GER
Style: expressive powerful thrashing speed metal

as it is publicly known, Avenger has been formed back in 1983, releasing a full-length two years later, while all band members have stayed in the band after renaming it into Rage, so this debut album under new moniker [1986] was actually their second, and Peavy admits that too - it marked the start of cooperation with a new perspective Noise label, focused on the most intense and extreme entities available around, so the four-piece from North Rhine-Westphalia was involved into thrash/speed upgrade of their ambitious dynamic sound too, tastefully combining it with fundamental power/heavy metal, while this ultimate double disk re-issue with a remastered sound includes The Scaffold bonus and no less than thirteen more rare tracks on disc two, taken from pre-production live rehearsals and 1985's demo recordings, where couple of tunes are never issued before!