Reflections of A Shadow CD
Reflections of A Shadow CD


Reflections of A Shadow CD

Artist: RAGE
Label: Dr. Bones
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: GER
Style: expressive melodic heavy speed metal

hard-working and hyper active crew finishes the eighties' trying new things in speedy heavy metal, so their fifth opus [1990] sounds slightly different, more diverse and provoking, comparing to early recordings, with Rush and Savatage touches opening up a progressive angle in otherwise heavy-weighted music, also gaining more catchy episodes along the trademark memorable choruses, where Peavy's characteristic singing tone is developed; from nowadays perspective it is a clear indication of the upcoming transformations that Rage has passed through later on, working as a transition episode between the eras; recent German edition comes with a remastered sound and extra Wild Seed track