Lingua Mortis 2CD
Lingua Mortis 2CD


Lingua Mortis 2CD

Artist: RAGE
Label: Dr. Bones
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: GER
Style: expressive melodic orchestral heavy metal

until mid nineties it was mostly big hard rock bands able to team up with classic orchestras for common projects, proving that rock and metal have much more in common with academic music from the past than thought before - Rage was a pioneering band from more intense palette of metal to re-arrange their songs for orchestra, and premiered with a bang with this half-instrumental record [1996], accompanied by Symphonic Orchestra Prague, offering some of their most essential tracks in an awe-inspiring manner, where the role of classical instruments is highly significant and makes a perfect balance with heaviness and emotion of heavy metal, while Peavy adds his own singing trademark as well, ending up in a spectacular performance at both ends; recent German edition comes with a remastered sound, and entire additional disc, featuring seven more rare tracks, including couple of orchestral solo versions, previously unreleased Top of The World, plus demo and live episodes