Ghosts 2CD
Ghosts 2CD


Ghosts 2CD

Artist: RAGE
Label: Dr. Bones
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: GER
Style: melodic atmospheric orchestral heavy metal

end of an era sort of album [1999] is also a farewell with nineties' line-up - on a funny note all ts participants except for Peavy himself have quit soon after, forming a pop music project to move on, but even that strange turn of events does not take away from the fact that these eleven impressive sounding tracks are perhaps most neosymphonic oriented in the entire discography of Rage, dominating over heavy metal speed and energy, at the same time setting up a special epic atmosphere to support the album's concept, dealing with a spiritual world most obviously, surprising with its progressive and catchy flow; recent German edition comes with a remastered sound, two bonuses on disc one, and entire additional CD, featuring fifteen more rare tracks, mostly demo versions of album songs