Hypocrisis Absolution CD
Hypocrisis Absolution CD Hypocrisis Absolution CD


Hypocrisis Absolution CD

Label: Primitive Reaction
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2021
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: savage intense furious black metal

debut album by new formation born couple of years ago features well familiar characters of nowadays Finnish black metal scene - Petri Puheloinen [Morgal, ex.Satanic Warmaster] on vocals and all guitars, and Grond [White Death] on drums, nailing together primarily intense and furious form of extremity, with a lot of effort put into crystalizing devastating harmonies with certain melancholic yet quite triumphant, mesmerizing aura, borrowing a tiny bit of Norse era Bathory grandiosity, still setting up a thick menacing atmosphere with ceremonial twists here and there, also bearing a powerful, poignant and uppermost convincing production, pushing these eight tracks to the forefront of the genre