Splid CD
Splid CD Splid CD


Splid CD

Label: Wørld / Rise
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: progressive blackened stoner rock'n roll / metal

with Ivar Nikolaisen stepping in quite big shoes of frontman position, the grand scheme of things in Norwegian neo-punk camp has not dramatically changed - they still mix various influences from different eras and different genres of music while boiling something special, alternative, independent and downright metal, or hardcore, or old heavy rock'n roll, or whatever you prefer to name it like - there is a unique path Kvelertak has been moving on for years, and these eleven catchy cuts of Discord [that is Splid translated from Norwegian] are a breathtaking fresh entry on the honourable list of their edgy achievements, peppered by guest appearance of Troy Sanders [Mastodon] on Crack of Doom