Vinterskugge CD
Vinterskugge CD Vinterskugge CD Vinterskugge CD


Vinterskugge CD

Label: Peaceville
Price: 16€

Release Year: 1994
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: expressive epic black death metal

in mid nineties when Darkthrone have been at the apogee of their harshest, most lunatic era, the band's drummer and creative leader Fenriz all of a sudden started pushing his side projects from the past - debut album of Isengard consists of three obscure demos from the early stage: mainly raw, blackened death metal oriented Spectres over Gorgoroth [1989], bleaker and blacker Horizons [1991], and slightly epic folk related, in a way experimental but definitely the defining Vandreren [1993] session, altogether turning into an essential purchase for the die-hard Norwegian scene worshiper, regardless of its often spontaneous and sketchy contents; recent British jewel case edition comes with a promotional hype sticker on shrinkwrap