Ballads of a Hangman CD
Ballads of a Hangman CD Ballads of a Hangman CD Ballads of a Hangman CD


Ballads of a Hangman CD

Label: Napalm
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: GER
Style: monumental dynamic energetic heavy metal

no no, it is not the best Digger ballads collection - album number thirteen is as fierce and primarily aggressive as the debut release by infamous metal veterans, accomplished way back in mid eighties, or most of other recordings in between: ferocious formula of Teutonic heavy might be not that new indeed, but it still sounds powerful and plain confident: pile-driving double kick drum nailing, scary jackhammer guitar riffs, commanding and time-tested vocals of Chris Boltendahl, frightening choruses and lyrics about death, despair, and darkness - all these factors guarantee this to become another solid, dynamic and magically mesmerizing record, a must have for sure!