Ur Jordens Djup CD
Ur Jordens Djup CD Ur Jordens Djup CD Ur Jordens Djup CD


Ur Jordens Djup CD

Label: Century Media
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: hellish rebelious troll folk metal

liner notes to this longplay, written by ex.frontman Katla, who also wrote all lyrics once again, reveal the inspiration coming from ancient Scandinavian myths and folk tales, delving into shamanic tradition and self-exploring through the past mysteries - this makes Ur Jordens Djup far darker experience, compared to their previous albums, also reflected in atmospheric, cinematic and ominous music, highly praised by critics and fans alike due to its suggestive contents first and foremost; ironically, exactly with these tunes the new vocalist Vreth usurps the growler position, strengthening the trollish hordes with his immense stage presence and grim pitch; authentic German edition