Soul of a New Machine 2CD
Soul of a New Machine 2CD Soul of a New Machine 2CD Soul of a New Machine 2CD


Soul of a New Machine 2CD

Label: Roadrunner
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2004
Artist Origin: USA
Style: groovy aggressive industrial death metal

debut longplay [1992] by groovy industrial metal pioneers is arguably dark and menacing death metal record, with only a slight undercurrents of what is to come further on - brutal and crushing bulldozer is characterized by mostly short and to the point tracks, featuring precise rhythmic balance and straightforward wall-of-sound riffs, while Burton C Bell mostly growls in Barney fashion, where songs like Scapegoat have received extra attention due to unusual samples and clean verses, what eventually became the trademark of this groundbreaking team; special German expanded double cd edition comes with a remastered sound, extensive liner notes in the booklet, and additional Fear is The Mindkiller EP on second disk, featuring five remixes of the album tracks