Impact is Imminent CD DIGI
Impact is Imminent CD DIGI Impact is Imminent CD DIGI


Impact is Imminent CD DIGI

Artist: EXODUS
Label: Capitol / Caroline
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intense savage aggressive thrash metal

it is not clear up until these days, why this fourth Exodus album [1990] remains in a tentative shadow, as the energy of rabid, direct music at times even surpasses the contents of other early releases, thus embodying the essence of loud, cheeky, all demolishing Bay Area thrash, smartly backed up by a visual Objection Overruled video - partly it is possible to agree that almost all tracks are built upon one template, aiming to literally break the wall with a hammer, yet that must have been an exact idea behind - to exercise a bit, following the commands of seriously angered frontman Zetro and freshly joined new drummer John Tempesta, while Gary Holt once again reveals quite some blistering riffs all over; limited Japanese style mini vinyl like replica cardboard digisleeve edition, US import