Long Live The Loud CD
Long Live The Loud CD Long Live The Loud CD Long Live The Loud CD


Long Live The Loud CD

Label: Megaforce
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2005
Artist Origin: CAN
Style: savage aggressive heavy speed metal

avalanche of success has fallen down on this three-piece of unique Canadian metal scene with a singing drummer Dan Beehler along their second album, so one year after that, in February of 1985, they have been sweating in studio again - this time in London working on the third full-length: no surprise at all to hear a similarly savage character of music, epitomizing the transition era between traditional heavy/power and all wiping and much more intense thrash, which has eventually overpowered such bands as Exciter, which makes it just more fun now to discover such priceless gems as this release, essentially surpassing even Violence & Force with its consistency and purified sound; recent re-issue comes with a sound remastered in 2004 by Jeff Waters [Annihilator] at Watersound studio, liner notes by band members in the booklet, and three tracks off Feel The Knife EP [1985] - two of them live, added as bonus, US import