Thrash Zone CD
Thrash Zone CD Thrash Zone CD Thrash Zone CD


Thrash Zone CD

Artist: D.R.I.
Label: Metal Blade
Price: 13€

Release Year: 1995
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fast infectious crossover thrash metal

as expected from the godfathers of crossover thrash metal genre, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles remain absolutely loyal to the underground values with their hurricane approach on this fourth full-length [1989], yet occur in a bit different - more ambitious, cleaner and consistent situation, in comparison to lightning fast style of their past, delivering nonetheless nasty and moshing thrash; these fourteen numbers simply tear the speakers apart with awesome driving riffs, clever dynamics and atonal vocal style of Kurt Brecht, who masterfully keeps it all together like ever before - no wonder that eventually this "yellow" opus has turned into a pure staple of the genre; European re-issue comes with extra Labeled Uncurable and You Say I'm Scum tracks on compact disk version only