Total Doom CD DIGI
Total Doom CD DIGI Total Doom CD DIGI Total Doom CD DIGI


Total Doom CD DIGI

Artist: DOOM
Label: Peaceville
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2002
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: savage gritty crust grindcore metal

absolute classic by historical metalized crust punk four-piece from Birmingham, considered pivotal in the rise of entire movement, and early precursor to the grindcore and crossover genre, is actually a collection of all their releases done for Peaceville, being one of the first signed artists there, alongside couple additional tracks - War Crimes LP [1988], Bury The Debt split LP [1989], and Police Bastard EP [1989], featuring Mick Harris [Napalm Death] at very early stage; is dominated by harsh guttural vocals, straightforward attitude, dark distorted chord progressions, and riotous drumming, totaling into no less than 37 tracks of unbeatable, intense, energetic smorgasbord, smashing the ears into pieces but forcing to beg for more!; recent three panel digipak edition comes with a remastered sound and liner notes