Transitus 2CD DIGI
Transitus 2CD DIGI Transitus 2CD DIGI Transitus 2CD DIGI


Transitus 2CD DIGI

Artist: AYREON
Label: Music Theories / Mascot
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: NED
Style: dramatic harmonious neoclassical progressive metal

it is impossible to bypass the topic of guest musicians each time speaking about Ayreon, especially when their names speak volumes - the latest double album guests instrumental genius of Joe Satriani and Marty Friedman, and vocal contributions by Dee Snider, Tommy Karevik, Amanda Somerville, and Simone Simons, to name but a few, meanwhile the musical contents strive for next level of diversity, transcending the prog metal/rock definition with ease, and even for Arjen Lucassen it is but a challenge inexperienced before, making the listener look as far back as early rock operas and classic musicals go, where dominating vocals gain the most important positions, but the instrumental back up and another massive concept with intricate storyline, first thought as a movie but so far realized as a comic book, are nonetheless crucial; European four panel double digisleeve edition