Unortheta CD DIGI
Unortheta CD DIGI Unortheta CD DIGI


Unortheta CD DIGI

Artist: ZHRINE
Label: Season of Mist
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: ICE
Style: ominous exterminating dissonant black metal

new breed of ominous, exterminating and lunatic dissonant black metal league kick-start with a highly praised debut: after few initial listens it becomes certainly clear this is not just the hype of guitarist and vocalist Nökkvi appearing in Svartidauði line-up in the past, since their songwriting is brilliant, compositions are well stuck together, and monolithic, bittersweet atmosphere makes elegant arrangements and resonating clean sections shine through the layers of ear-peeling madness, ending up with one of the smoothest releases of this kind; first press digipak edition