Heathen LP
Heathen LP Heathen LP Heathen LP


Heathen LP

Artist: WYRD
Label: Kreation
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: epic folk pagan black metal

Azaghal mastermind Tomi Kalliola, better known as Narqath, has started his pagan oriented one-man project Hellkult in 1997, one year later renamed into Wyrd, but it was not until 2001 that debut album was eventually finalized - ambitious and challenging concept has crystalized into a 50+ minute long multifaceted, atmospheric and dynamic track, brimming with folkloric intricacy, enchanting acoustic breaks, and solid vocal variation from harsh and raspy shrieks to epic, clean singing; black vinyl edition with a remastered in 2007 sound, new cover artwork and pro-printed lyric insert is limited to 500 units, US import