Casus Luciferi CD
Casus Luciferi CD Casus Luciferi CD Casus Luciferi CD


Casus Luciferi CD

Artist: WATAIN
Label: Drakkar

Release Year: 2005
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: relentless menacing infernal black metal

the glorious return of satanic black metal masters, Scandinavian deputy of unholy and morbid sound, with sophomore full-length [2003] forces the initial spark to glow brighter and more detailed: eight infernally penetrating harmonies pierce the listener's heart with black venom, while charismatic voice of frontman Erik chains the soul as well; it is truly unique experience, blinding the sight and blocking the mind with its unearthly might, and it is not just hollow epithet; second CD pressing by original label comes with twenty page booklet, full of occult mysticism