Rrröööaaarrr 2CD+DVD DIGI
Rrröööaaarrr 2CD+DVD DIGI Rrröööaaarrr 2CD+DVD DIGI Rrröööaaarrr 2CD+DVD DIGI


Rrröööaaarrr 2CD+DVD DIGI

Artist: VOIVOD
Label: Noise / Sanctuary / BMG
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: CAN
Style: gritty progressive savage thrash metal

ugly, rebellious, non-conformist and partly dissonant, genuine Canadian team jump on their sophomore journey [1986], opening the doors for crossover genres to clash with their chaotic, all life crushing, primeval destructive thrash, also adding up in more cohesive structuring; archetypal record introduces sci-fi topics and their now legendary Korgüll character, backing up the otherworldly concept with jazz and prog influences, spacy guitar riffs, that dramatically clash with crude, Venom-like production, thus creating one hell of a violent puzzle!; recent deluxe triple digipak edition comes with a remastered sound, extra disc featuring an entire fourteen track live show from Montreal in October 1986, and DVD with no less than four live shows from 1984-1986, as well as three more hours of rare early audio material in addition, along vintage photo set and liner notes in twenty page booklet