Memento Collider LP
Memento Collider LP Memento Collider LP Memento Collider LP


Memento Collider LP

Artist: VIRUS
Label: Karisma
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: twisted ethereal avantgarde progressive metal

it is amazing to witness the genuine vibe behind this fabulously twisted avantgarde rock/metal project, yet sad to realize that only a poor number of people truly appreciate and understand what the trio keep transmitting via their cosmic statements - this latest full-length is no less than a masterpiece of its own surreal kind, spreading psychedelic dreams in dissonant directions throughout its six evoking tracks with dominating bass guitar and eclectic vocal recitals of Mr. Czral, collectively confirming the highest class of gripping on this unique genre; Norwegian marble gray vinyl edition is limited to 500 units