...ветер стуже... CD
...ветер стуже... CD ...ветер стуже... CD ...ветер стуже... CD


...ветер стуже... CD

Artist: VIKHR
Label: Der Schwarze Tod / 7.62
Price: 11€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: RUS
Style: cold expressive pagan black metal

this new project of Hlad, the only member behind it, is a continuation of earlier activities within cold Uralian black metal underground - its music is pretty much classic, mostly fast-paced black metal of Northern kind, with heathen-directed lyrics and of course that specific Slavonic character; cover artwork illustrates the sound picture of a lonely man trying to get through the windy ferocity of nature pretty well, and it is a worthy enough purchase for admirers of traditionality of the genre