Black Metal CD
Black Metal CD Black Metal CD Black Metal CD


Black Metal CD

Artist: VENOM
Label: Castle / Sanctuary
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2002
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: malicious revolting black heavy metal

encouraged by successful start Venom have quickly returned with a sophomore longplay [1982], the title of which defines the entire genre of nowadays' heavy music genre - evolutionary, seminal black metal stone is firmly rooted in British heavy metal tradition, yet an infernal atmosphere and exceptionally devilish subjects imply a peculiar feeling of the dark, untypical for those times; sharp hitting riffs, harsh vocals and volcanic drumming have caused a striking impulse for other revolting hordes to form; essential British re-issue in classic series comes with a remastered sound and nine rare bonuses from radio sessions and twelve inch vinyl singles, along the extensive liner notes and vintage photo collection in the booklet