Tibi et Igni LP+EP
Tibi et Igni LP+EP Tibi et Igni LP+EP


Tibi et Igni LP+EP

Artist: VADER
Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: POL
Style: charismatic massive technical death metal

when label sticks a banner of "absolutely heaviest in the career" album to the tenth full-length record of a veteran band, it usually invokes some kind of suspicion, yet it does not call upon Vader - if you have followed their recent catalogue, just fall on your knees and obey this sledgehammer of an album; ten cuts of classic riff-heavy death metal are laid down at its utmost urgency and precision, with a strong thrash influence to maintain the dynamics, bringing devastating results that reserve them an honourabe spot at the top of the genre!; gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition comes with a bonus 7"EP record, featuring two additional cuts