We Don't Give A Fuck CD
We Don't Give A Fuck CD We Don't Give A Fuck CD


We Don't Give A Fuck CD

Artist: V/A
Label: Kuravilu
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: various
Style: raw underground metal/punk/hardcore

concept-faithful underground metal maniacs pay tribute to seminal punk/hardcore roots of theirs: OBTEST [with a track Fantazija of seminal Lithuanian garage/punk band SA-SA], FARSCAPE, BARBATOS, ETERNAL PAIN, THE KRUSHERS, HATEFUL AGONY, OPPRESSION, MISERYCORE, SCALARE and THE ANA FRANK PIMPS, all in all - fourteen dirty, rebellious, sincere and straightforward cover songs!, additional A3 sized poster comes as extra, limited edition of 500 units